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A couple days ago, Crazy/Beautiful, owner of Beautifully Broken sent me an email asking me for sex advice or, more specifically, advice on sex with her best friend. Unfortunately, I can’t respond to all the email I get, but CB’s email caught my attention. She reminded me of my idealistic younger self when I was a college student. Since CB gave me permission to post her email and blog entry with my response, here it is with my response at the end.Call long island escorts.


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Why every medium size business needs a SmartPhone Application

According to eMarketer, an independent market research company based in NY, the number of smartphone users worldwide will surpass 2 billion in 2016. That is approximately 1/3 of the total human population !

How can you reach all of those people ? The answer is having your own smartphone app developed by SmarterAppsDev.com. And since the market is split pretty evenly between http://SmarterAppsDev.com” title=”Apple iOS development Apple iOS and <a href=“http://SmarterAppsDev.com” title=”Google Android Development”>Google Android</a> platforms, you will need to have “http://SmarterAppsDev.com” “Mobile Applications Developers”>Mobile Apps for both phone/tablet types.

SmarterAppsDev.com has lots of experience developing custom mobile apps for hospitality, education, and financial business’s among others. We will work with your business to develop the optimal iPhone and Android applications to best market and communicate to you existing and prospective customers.

The marketing opportunities for “http://SmarterAppsDev.com” title=”Smartphone Application Developers SmartPhoneapplications  far surpass conventional websites. You can contact SmartPhones based on the physical location of the phone and also the proximity of the phone to http://SmarterAppsDev.com “Beacons Application Developers”>beacons (small bluetooth broadcasting objects you can place anywhere) you have placed around your resort, golf course, historic area, etc.

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Seeing the list of “Top 20 Nude Scenes, Year 2004” piqued my curiousity about nude scenes with other actresses. So you can imagine my delight when I stumbled across this delicious blowjob scene from the “Brown Bunny” with Chloe Sevigny.

I always knew that actors do strange things for artsy movies. But I never expected a mainstream actress to actually give a real blowjob on camera – isn’t that what body doubles are for? Long island escorts.